A free easy to use simple interface for downloading historical stock quotes.


miQuotes downloads EOD (end of day) stock quotes for use in charting applications such as MetaTrader, TradeStation, SuperCharts etc. You can use the data in your own custom charting and analysis applications too.

miQuotes has been dsigned to be quick and easy to use with a focus on simplicity. Rather than messing around with advanced confusing software, miQuotes allows you to perform your task without any additional overhead.

miQuotes is able to keep track of countles symbol lists each with their own unique configuration. This allows you to import different symbol lists at different times, even into different charting applications.

Data Source

miQuotes uses the free Yahoo Finance data source which allows access to most major exchanges without having to pay any subscription fees.

miQuotes is compatible with most popular analysis software such as AmiBroker, TradeStation, MetaStock, Excel.

Stocks, Currencies and Indices from 50+ exchanges worldwide, including US [all (AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.)], Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and many more.

A complete list of supported exchanges can be found here.